Audio Drama

Peter has just recorded Series 3 of Ambridge Extra for BBC Radio 4 Extra (20 episodes) featuring guest stars Abigail McKern, Richard Dillane and William Gaminara.

Peter spent 15 years as Senior Producer, Radio Drama at the BBC, based in Birmingham, where he directed a huge range of work including many ground-breaking drama-documentaries, five series of the Roman Detective series Falco, and several science fiction serials for Radio 7 (now 4 Extra).

He has worked with writers such as David Edgar, Stephen Poliakoff, Steve Waters, Arnold Wesker and Simon Stephens.

  Commonwealth Broadcasting Association event in Nairobi.

Podcast produced by Peter Leslie Wild and Peter Nash...

His work won the Prix Marulic in 2004 and 2007, and he has been nominated several times for the Richard Imison Award and the Race in the Media Awards.

He has also produced podcasts including Choral History, The Penny Black Cantata, Happy Birthday Henry, A Taste for Writing.

Peter with Peter Nash (Monty Funk Productions)
during the recording of
The Penny Black Cantata
Peter and Oscar winning actor
F Murray Abraham during the recording
of Amadeus for Radio 2 in New York
Peter in the Drama Studio,
BBC Birmingham